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The Six Types of Autoimmunity™

Both myself and Dr. Frank LaRosa have developed a new approach to autoimmune disease after a combined 25 years working with patients. We have found that patients with ANY autoimmune disease fall into six common types of autoimmunity. From this experience, we developed The Six Types of Autoimmunity™ which is a protocol that involves targeted questioning and functional and standard testing to identify your Type. Once we identify your Type, you'll be given a unique protocol for that Type developed by myself and Dr. LaRosa.

So, you might ask, what are The Six Types of Autoimmunity™?

Type I Autoimmunity = Infectious Autoimmunity

Type I Autoimmunity is triggered by an infection, whether it be Lyme, EBV, a GI infection like Citrobacter or Prevotella, a gum infection like P. gingivalis, or any other virus, bacteria, parasite, etc.

Type II Autoimmunity = Toxic Autoimmunity

Type II Autoimmunity is triggered by toxic accumulation. This could be due to increased exposure to one particular toxin or a group of toxins and/or poor detoxification pathways.

Type III Autoimmunity = Hormonal Autoimmunity

Type III Autoimmunity is triggered by imbalances in hormones. This is very common in females who also have abnormal menstrual cycles, such as very heavy or painful periods, PMS, too long or too short cycles, infertility, etc. However, this can also happen in males.

Type IV Autoimmunity = Intestinal Autoimmunity

Type IV Autoimmunity may be the most common type of autoimmunity, as it is the type that is most strongly triggered by inflammation in the gut and increased intestinal permeability (i.e. leaky gut). This is the type of autoimmunity that you most likely have if you feel that certain foods trigger your symptoms.

Type V Autoimmunity = Stress Linked Autoimmunity

Type V Autoimmunity is triggered by past and/or current exposure to psychological stressors. This is evidenced by abnormal stress hormones on lab assessments, but can also be determined just simply by reviewing your symptoms and past history. Type V Autoimmunity can be difficult to treat, since stress is so pervasive in our culture and so hard to escape, but natural medicines can help make our body more resilient to the impact of stress.

Type VI Autoimmunity = Hybrid Autoimmunity

Because autoimmune disease is so complex, it is quite common to have hybrid versions that are multiple Types all at the same time. This is common in very complex cases of RA, Lupus, etc. and requires an experienced naturopathic autoimmune specialist to tease out the nuances and determine the priorities of treatment.

What are my options for working with The Six Types of Autoimmunity™ Protocol?

Package 1: Comprehensive Package

- Consult with one of the naturopathic physicians, either via telemedicine or in person

- Go over your entire history, past labs, and treatment goals

- Order targeting lab testing to determine your Autoimmune Type

- Natural treatment plan given after first visit and after determining your Type

- Includes the ability to email or text your physician with follow up questions

- Insurance coverage for in-person consults

Package 2: Lab Package

- Our physicians will order the testing to determine your Type

- Our physicians will interpret the lab results and create a report explaining your Type and an initial treatment plan based on your Type

- Does not require an appointment

- Is performed over email

- Does not include follow up or the ability to email/text your physician with follow up questions

You can start by taking our Quiz here:

By consulting with myself or Dr. Frank LaRosa, we can identify your Type and design your unique protocol. Contact us today to get started with The Six Types of Autoimmunity™ approach. (203) 806-5138 call or TEXT us!

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