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Patient Testimonials

Dr. Sanders wonderfully orchestrated a comprehensive plan to help me finally take control of my health through more natural means with minimal to no side effects so I can better serve my patients in my healthcare field. The best part about Dr. Sanders was that not only does she know what she's doing but she was readily available via email and patiently answered all my questions and concerns during the whole process. I thank God that I found out about her services. I am very grateful for Dr. Sanders' help and have already recommended Dr. Sanders to a few of my friends who suffer from stomach or joint issues. Thank you Dr. Sanders and please keep up the good work!" - J.N., New Haven
In the last 7 years of having this disease, I have never been so inspired, optimistic and excited about my journey to a pain-free, full of health life. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for the most amazing advice and information.- A.S., California

I brought my daughter to Dr. LaRosa because I was hoping to get her some relief from the chronic IBS she was suffering from.  Not only did the acupuncture give her relief the very first sesson, he also found the cause for the IBS.  We are following his recommendation for treatment, and the improvement in her symptoms is incredible.  Dr. LaRosa is professional, passionate about his work, and I highly recommend him. - K.M., Milford
Dr. Frank LaRosa has been such an influence to me!...He has such a kind and gentle nature and shows that he truly cares about each and every patient. The Tui Na massages are wonderful and I so look forward to them especially after a hard day at work! I am very grateful for having both Dr. Sanders and Dr. LaRosa in my care circle! - I.L., New Haven
Grinning from ear to ear as my current 10 month inflammation flare continues to recede!...Starting working with Dr Kim Sanders mid-summer, took some tweaking to find the right path but we found it! Inflammation and pain subsiding a bit more almost daily, waking up with almost no swelling and 90% range of movement in my worst joints. Still battling fatigue but hopefully that will ease as the healing continues.   The 15 lbs I gained while confined to 3 months of non weight bearing is coming off, almost by itself. Down 10 lbs, 5 lbs left to go. The weight loss is slow but steady at this point - first 8 months nothing would budge, now it's just going away a pound or two a week. Clearly the weight and the inflammation were linked.  Whoo hoo! - C.C., IL
Since being referred to Dr. Sanders, my health has improved significantly and dramatically. No doctor, nutritionist, or even other Naturopathic Physician has ever brought about such a profound improvement in my health. The evidence-based advice you have given me….put me on a path toward a wellness I have never known. The fact that you cited peer reviewed research articles…made a strong impression on me. I am grateful to have such a knowledgeable, skilled, thorough, and caring physician on my team. I only wish I had found you sooner! You are helping me to achieve what I have always wanted in health. I have now lost 57 pounds of my 101 pound weight loss goal and I anticipate, with your scientific and visionary guidance, I will reach that goal on or before the one year anniversary of our first appointment. I look forward to the new goals of the second stage of this journey towards optimal health; prevention of further autoimmune disease diagnoses. If anyone is capable of that, you are. - M.M., Wallingford

 I went to see Dr LaRosa due to a serious problem with my eyes. He gave me a series of antioxidants that I have to take during the day. He also advised me to use eye drops that contain antioxidants.   After three weeks the vision was getting better!  Thank you, Dr. LaRosa! - T.R., Bridgeport

As a patient of Dr. Kim Sanders, I am very impressed with her professionalist and the depth of her knowledge about naturopathic medicine.  I am very satisfied with the quality of care that I have received from Dr. Sanders and would happily recommend her to other patients - S.J., Bridgeport
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